B.Sc. In biotechnology (B.Sc. BT)
B.Sc. In Chemistry (B.Sc. CHE)
B.Sc. In Computer Science (B.Sc. CS)
B.Sc. In Information Technology (B.Sc. IT)
B.Sc. In Environmental Science (B.Sc. ES)
B.Sc. In Microbiology (B.Sc. MB)
B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (B.Tech. AI and DS)
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering (B.Tech. CH)
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering (B.Tech. CE)
B.Tech. in Computer Engineering (B.Tech. CO)
B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering (B.Tech. EL)
B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication (B.Tech. EC)
B.Tech. in Information Technology (B.Tech. IT)
B.Tech. in Instrumentation and Control Engineering (B.Tech. IC)
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech. MECH)
B.Tech. in Textile Technology (B.Tech. TT)
Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)
Bachelor of Interior Design (B.ID.)
Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.Varts)
Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com)
Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA)
Bachelor of Performing Arts Dance (B.P.A Dance)
Bachelor of Performing Arts Drama (B.P.A Drama)
Bachelor of Performing Arts Music (B.P.A Music)
Bachelor Of Laws (LL.B.)