General Flow of Admission:

Detailed description is as follows

  1. Sarvajanik University shall upload details of all programs offered at Constituent College of Sarvajanik University along with eligibility for admission and will float a form for all aspiring students, namely Expression of Interest (EOI) by the month of February every year. The students will fill up all relevant data as asked and submit EOI to Sarvajanik University. These EOI shall be available to all aspiring students and the public at large through a link provided on Sarvajanik University’s website and all constituent Colleges' websites.
  2. Based on this EOI, the Sarvajanik University -ERP will prepare a database for all students aspiring in all programs offered at Sarvajanik University. This database shall be available to all Constituent Colleges through ERP.
  • The Constituent College shall further contact each of these aspiring students through Email, SMS, phone call or any other possible way and guide / counsel them for admission.
  1. All students after receiving the results of their qualifying examinations shall fill up forms along with prescribed fees for admission; for students who already had applied as EOI their data shall be directly fetched by ERP and after entering the relevant marks, the student will submit the application forms for admission. The university and all its Constituent Colleges will put up a detailed schedule of admission rounds along with dates and shall complete the admission procedure as per norms laid by Sarvajanik University.
  2. All admissions shall be done with all fair means, and transparency after declaring the merit list of Applications and the entire admission process shall be done through ERP as per norms and rules prescribed by Sarvajanik University like
  • Declaration of Merit list
  • Allocation of admission as per the choice of students through multiple rounds
  • Document verification
  • Allotment of admission letter
  • Course/program-wise orientation program at Sarvajanik University

Final enrolment of students with all processes of enrolment number, I card after payment of fees finalized