About SSIP

  • The Student Startup Policy is a government initiative aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and supporting student startups. This policy recognizes the potential of students as budding entrepreneurs and provides them with a platform to transform their innovative ideas into successful businesses.
  • Education Department, Government of Gujarat has been instrumental in creating a progressive policy focusing on student innovation and startups in the state.

To promote start up and innovation culture at Sarvajanik University through SSIP activities

Vision of SSIP

Empowering the young population of the State to unlock their creative potential through Start-up and Innovation so as to enable them to contribute for sustainable development and inclusive growth towards the realization of Aatmanirbhar Gujarat.

SSIP Beneficiaries

Students, researchers, faculty members, or start-ups (who are current students or passed out in the LAST FIVE ACADEMIC YEARS) have an innovative idea/prototype with a business potential and are interested in commercializing their idea/prototype.

Key Objectives of SSIP

SU-SSIP Advisory committee




Role in Committee

Prof. Persi Engineer

Hon'ble Provost

Sarvajanik University

Educational Institutions Head

Chair person

Dr. Dipali Kasat



SSIP Coordinator

Member Secretary

Mr. Sanjay Punjabi

Principal Designer


Industry Expert


Dr. Salil Vaniawala


SN Gene Laboratory

Industry Expert


CA Sanjiv Tamakuwala

Working Committee Member

Sarvajanik Education Society

Finance Expert


Mr. Haresh Calcuttawala

Co-Founder & CEO

Trezix Software Pvt Ltd.

Start-up Ecosystem Expert


Mr. Tejas Jariwala

Research Head

Jainam Share Consultants Pvt Ltd

Technical Expert


Dr. Ermala Dayal


V T Choksi Law College

IPR Expert


Dr. S. R. Joshi


GEC, Surat

Academic Expert


Mr. Tejas Patel

Institute Coordinator-SSIP


Academic Expert



 SU-SSIP Internal Support System



Dr. Dipali Kasat

Coordinator, SU-SSIP Cell

Dr.  Manisha Vashi

Dr Kaushika Pal

Co-Ordinator, SCET-SSIP Cell

Prof. Tejas Patel

Prof. Shivani Pachchigar

Co-Ordinator,  IDPT-SSIP Cell

Dr. Ranjan Sabhaya

Dr. Riddhish  Joshi

Co-Ordinator, SRLIM-SSIP Cell

Dr. Rupal Snehkunj

Dr . Darshan Marjadi

Co-Ordinator, SRKI-SSIP Cell

Dr. Ushma Desai

Dr. Payal Saxena

Co-Ordinator, BRCM-SSIP Cell

Prof. Ushma Thaker

Co-Ordinator, Sarvajanik Law College-SSIP Cell

Building Startup Ecosystem at Sarvajanik University

Student Startup and Innovation Cell @SU is trying to build the Startup Ecosystem at the university campus in 3 dimensions –

ﮭ         Academic input to students on how startups are built and scaled

ﮭ         Continuous engagement with startup founders, preferably alumni

         Collaboration with Industries/ Advisory Body


MOU signed between Sarvajanik University and TiE Surat Forum on 6th July 2022.

Purpose : Collaboration for conducting programs/events/sessions/workshops by mentoring and nurturing the selected students on Entrepreneurship


Efforts for Developing Start-up Culture at various institute of SU
  • IPR Awareness Program with NIPAM(National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission)
Purpose – Anybody can innovate! Despite wonderful innovation in several academic Institutes, many innovations die a quiet death because students are not aware whether the innovations are patentable or not and how to get them patented. Works just get published in a Journal, spoiling all its commercial value, since the patent is not filed. Also creative design of Products can be patented but due to lack of awareness, students/ faculty do not patent them. Thus, following constituent colleges of Sarvajanik University has organized online Webinar in association with NIPAM- GOI and SSIP Cell – SU.

Each participant has Received Participants &  Institute has received “certificate of appreciation”.

  • StartUp Adda – Entrepreneurship Journey from Pre-Ideation to Growth Stage

Purpose - Undergraduate students have the energy and enthusiasm to become an Entrepreneur.Students are motivated and inspired with StartUp but with a lack of directions, majors are just finished with the Idea Stage. Therefore, the Event of StartUP Adda is planned and organized. StartUP Adda – Entrepreneurship Journey from Pre-Ideation to Growth Stage was organized on 8thSeptember, 2022 by SSIP – Cell, SU in association with TiE University, Surat. Dr. Dipali Kasat, Dr.Pranav B Lapsiwala and Prof. Tejas Patel were coordinators of the events. Mr. Dinesh Jain,Founding Partner, Goel Gaurav Jain & CO – LLP, was invited to address the audience on the themeJourney of Entrepreneur. 400+ students benefited with the event.


  • First Step Bring Idea to Reality
Purpose – How to Start StartUp? There was ambiguity in the students for how their idea can be converted to implementation. The implementation outcome becomes a StartUp Business and therefore, the event is planned.First Step - Idea to Reality was organized by SSIP Cell – SU, in association with TiE University, Surat on 7th January, 2023. Dr. Dipali Kasat, Dr. Pranav B Lapsiwala and Prof. Tejas Patel was thecoordinator for the event. There were 200 plus students gathered to getting benefits from the Mr.Ritesh Saraf, Founder and CEO, GHMC, Private Ltd.
  • Idea Pitching 1

Purpose – What is my StartUp? The objective of such an event is to provide a platform to students to demonstrate and present their StartUp idea amongst the Jury members. The session helps them to pitch their ideas for the pitching funds for the business activities.

Idea Pitching Activity was organized on 21st January, 2023. The winning teams were selected for the mentorship by the esteemed personality of industries and academics.



  • SU-Carnival
Sarvajanik University organized Carnival to involve the students of all constituent colleges in one grand scale program at the University campus and to orient school students and citizens of Surat with the Sarvajanik University and its colleges by organizing cultural and academic activities and events in Carnival. In this regard being the Student Start up and Innovation Cell of SU, had kept one stall at the Carnival and to discuss the activities to be performed at the stall, we had arranged a meeting on 6th February 2023. Prof Shivani Pacchhigar and Prof Payal Saxena coordinated the event. Different activities were planned and student volunteers were identified from each institution. These volunteers were trained to execute the activities planned for SU Carnival.
 Following are the activities done at the SSIP stall in SU Carnival.
  1. The awareness about the SU-SSIP cell was created among visitors.
  2. Posters of selected winners of the Idea Pitching event organized by SSIP cell were placed in the stall.
  3. The Quiz on Management, Law, Computer Application and Architecture was executed in which each institution of SU incorporated questions related to their field and visitors were asked those questions. For the right answer, they were also given a small token/gift in the form of chocolate.
  4. Different games based on intellectuals were carried out by student volunteers under the guidance of faculty coordinators of different institutions of Sarvajanik University.
  5. The start up idea pitching competition was organized in which students of all constituent colleges of SU were encouraged to float their idea.
The cell could gather a good number of inquisitive participants who showed interest in sharing their ideas related to entrepreneurship and Innovation in Business. We could make our audience aware of different stakeholders of Business. It was a very well responded two days program and a learning experience for Organizers and student volunteers.


  • 8th Season of “Stractical – The Startup Battle”, a National Level Inter college Startup Plan
Competition organized  by S. R. Luthra Institute of Management (SRLIM)on 3rd March 2023 and 25th March 2023 organized 8th Season of “Stractical – The Startup Battle”, a National Level Inter college Startup Plan Competition. Mr. Mehul Mehta and Dr. Riddhish Joshi coordinated the event.
Purpose -
  1. Encourage Innovation.
  2. Create structure and process for the startup competition for leading academic institutions across the nation so that the innovative ideas born through these competitions are taken forward to become a real business.
  3. Create a platform where any individual or team can post their innovative ideas and
seek mentoring, access to incubation and angel funds to help them create a real start-up. 
  • 100 ideas in 100 minutes
SSIP and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) cell of Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology (SCET), organized an event, ELEVATOR PITCH - 100 ideas in 100 minutes. The event was held on 25 April 2023 as part of the Innovation Day celebration. This event helped students to acquire knowledge with much ease and enthusiasm in the area of startups.
  • Orientation workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” conducted at IDPT-SCET-SU
An orientation workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” was conducted at IDPT-SCET-SU on 25 May 2023. The resource persons of the workshop were Dr. Dipali Kasat (Computer Engineering Department, SCET) and Prof. Aniket Tandel (Mechanical Engineering Department, SCET). Around 60 participants including the faculty team and students of IDPT registered for the workshop and gained knowledge about the process of legalization and authorization for their own creation. The hands-on session for the same was held on 29 May 2023 where participants registered their selected work under “Intellectual Property Rights”.
  • SSIP 2.0 Grant
"Sarvajanik University" the only Private University from South Gujarat received the first installment of the SSIP 2.0 Grant cheque at the hand of Shri Rushikeshbhai Patel - Hon'ble Cabinet Minister of Higher & Technical Education, GoG in the presence of Shri. Hiranmaya Mahanta-CEO, I-Hub...Shri. Mukesh Kumar - Principal Secretary, HE & TE, GoG...Shri. Banchha Nidhi Pani - Commissioner of Technical Education, GoG, Shri P. B. Pandya - Director of Higher Education, GoG. SSIP-SU Team is thankful to Hon'ble Provost & Registrar sir for giving the opportunity to be part of the ceremony arranged on 10 August 2023 at Pragna Puram, KCG Campus, Ahmedabad. We have received the advance for Grant Disbursement of Rs 1000000 credited to a/c XX8236 via NEFT from GUJARAT KNOWLEDGE- UTR ref SBIN523231894278

Name of Inst./Uni.

Sarvajanik University

Date of MoU

5 July 2023 – 31 March 2027

Grant Sanctioned by SSIP

20 Lakhs per year  - Total 80 lakhs

Grantee Matching Fund

20 Lakhs per year  - Total 80 lakhs

Total Fund for student startups and innovation capacity building

40 Lakhs per year  - Total 1.6 crore

  • Motivating event on World Entrepreneurship Day on 21st August, 2023

Innovation Council, SCET and Entrepreneurship Development and Student Start UP Cell, SCET has organized an event for World Entrepreneurship Day on 21st August, 2023. The event was organized for the UG students to guide and motivate them towards entrepreneurship. Two well-known entrepreneurs of Surat namely Mr. Utpal Mistry (Co-founder and Director, Lexus Technomist group) and Mr Ashish Desai (Founder and MD. Aether Industries Ltd.) who have world class recognition were invited for the event.


  • SSIP 2.0 Orientation sessions at SCL held on 11-09-2023 and 13-09-2023:
As part of activities of SSIP cell, SU activities, SSIP 2.0 orientation was held at Sarvajanik College of Law in three different sessions for FY LLB, SY LLB and TY LLB students by Ms. Ushma N. Thaker, Assistant Professor and SU SSIP cell SCL coordinator based on standard PPT sent by Dr. Dipali Kasat, SU SSIP Cell Coordinator. For FY LLB and TY LLB students, it was held on 11th September at 1 pm and 3 pm respectively and for SY LLB students, it was held on 13th September, 2023, 3 pm. Around 200 students were sensitised regarding SSIP 2.0- its purpose, benefits and outcomes of SSIP 1.0 at SCET level and how SSIP Cell of Sarvajanik University can be helpful to students throughout their entire journey of startup thereby making their startup idea reality and fruitful to society at large. Few glimpses of such orientation or awareness sessions can be seen vide photographs attached herewith.
  • Idea Pitching Event-SCL (college level) round held on 07-11-2023
Idea Pitching Event (College Level – Round 1) was organised at Sarvajanik College of Law as part of activities of SSIP Cell, SU on 07-11-2023, Tuesday. This event was presided by Dr. Tasnim K. Patel, Assistant Professor and Pro-Dean, Sarvajanik College of Law and Ms. Kosha V. Zaveri, Teaching Assistant Sarvajanik College of Law as jury members. Two teams participated in this event. Their details are as under:
Team 1 –Tina Mundra (Enrolment no. SL21BLLB019), T. Y. LL.B. student who presented her startup idea titled “Wonder Women” wherein she wants to develop the app for securing the financial independence of homemaker women solely run by women. Through this app women having any skills can get the job and can even use this app for advertising their products of business. This app will work as an interface between employer and jobseeker women and women who wants to start small scale business and customers.
Team 2 –Nushrat Khan (Enrolment No. SL21BLLB026), T. Y. LL.B. student who presented her startup idea titled “ParkMax” wherein she wants to develop a system or app through which ease of doing parking can be achieved in Surat city and traffic jam problems can be solved in conjusted streets. She has planed to do tie up with all parking spaces of malls, offices and party banquet halls, pay and park facilities provided by SMC which will list their availability of parking space on the app and payment of charges and booking will be done online and time of the user (person seeking parking space) will be saved in searching the parking space. Moreover this app has earning model in the ration of 70:30 between person/entity listing their parking space and her as the owner of the app.
Jury members have mentioned their comments in evaluation sheets. Both these teams need the help of other students of other college who can help them in developing such apps. They also need guidance before they can present in university level round. College recommends both the teams for university level round.
Few photos of this event are as below-


  • Preliminary Round of SSIP 2.0 at SRKI:
For SSIP 2.0, a student sensitization program was done at Taramoti Hall of PT Science College. In it  800 students of SRKI participated in 3 different slots from 11:00 am  to 2:00 pm on the date of 16th September 2023.
The program involved encouraging students to take part in Idea pitching activity, known as SSIP 2.0. They were motivated to enter into the world of entrepreneurship and briefed for guidelines and Do’s & Don’t of SSIP 2.0.


On 20th October, 2023, at SRKI-SU for preliminary round 10 teams in total 46 students participated. The preliminary round was held at the Conference room of SRKI.
With full enthusiasm all of them presented their idea and were evaluated by an external jury who are experienced and having their own start ups.
The external evaluators who were invited, are as follows
  1. Mr. Sunil Mahapatra- CEO & MD Biofics Ltd
  2. Mr. Tejas Bengali- CEO of Strumed Solution Pvt Ltd
  3. Mr. Prashant Dual- Founder and CEO of Dual Life Sciences Ltd.
After the completion of the event, they shared their own success stories of their own startup as well as  observation for participants.

Out of ten teams five teams advanced for the final round, which was held at SCET college on the date of 30th October.
Out of which following 2 teams were selected for start-up funding.
  1. Srishti Satyal- 2.5 lakh- Start up Cell tech Life Sciences, Surat
  2. Himanshu Metkar & Team- 1.0 lakh- Start up Nutripot
  • SSIP idea pitching at SCET

The SSIP Idea Pitching Event at SCET was a resounding success, showcasing the innovative spirit and talent within the college community. There were a total of 25 teams with 60 people in total who participated in the SSIP idea pitching SCET event. The diverse range of ideas presented, coupled with engaging discussions and networking opportunities, contributed to a vibrant atmosphere of entrepreneurship. Attendees had the opportunity to witness dynamic pitches, explore prototypes, and actively engage in insightful panel discussions. The event provided a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and celebrate creativity in a collegiate setting, fostering an environment that encourages and celebrates innovative thinking.

The ideas presented were mind – boggling ranging from topics such as Flowscape – New design of Swimming pools, Hydrogen production, Tech Languages app to Sensor based concrete monitoring, block chain technology and many more. Not only this, the prototypes that were presented were nothing but astonishing, it ranged from innovating CNC Machine to portable attendance system and Robotic hand for fruit picking The jury members were thoroughly impressed by the quality and ingenuity displayed in the idea pitches, highlighting the exceptional nature of the presented concepts. The SSIP event has not only fostered a culture of innovation but has also laid the foundation for future collaboration and growth within the college community.

Newspaper Coverage of SSIP-2.0 Final


  • Poster making activity

On 24th August 2023, for celebration of World Entrepreneurs Day a poster making activity on “Innovative Business Solution” was organized at S. R. Luthra Institute of Management under IIC & SSIP Cell. The aim of this activity was to encourage students to explore creative and practical approaches to solving complex business challenges through innovative ideas. Total 68 students participated.