Sarvajanik Education Society


I am honoured and privileged to be appointed as the First Provost of Sarvajanik University, to lead the University and embark on the ambitious strategy of addressing challenges and opening up opportunities of the future to benefit our communities.As a University, we are young but we have facilitated the making of educators, leaders, jurists, innovators, litterateurs and thinkers for 109 years as Sarvajanik Education Society.

Universities have historically existed as institutions for creation and dispersion of knowledge. However in today’s world, social media to global economy to supply chains, all are autonomously driven complex systems of cross cutting technologies, algorithms of artificial intelligence. With automation and digitisation the nature of the work force is changing. The human element is threatened with diminishment. In such a situation if education merely means a regurgitation of codified information, it fails to rise to the challenge of the future. All codes are in a state of flux. Therefore, we at Sarvajanik University aim to motivate for lifelong learning. We wish to deliver an education that prepares our students and faculty for the dynamics of accelerated change. The programs at the University will equip students with acumen to address local and global challenges. Through lifelong learning, we aim to achieve a transformative impact on students and faculty, industry and society by encouraging critical thinking, creativity and decision making.

Higher educational systems have, often, been concerned with derivatives- with ‘what’ is learned rather than ‘how’ it is learned. At this University, it is the ‘how’ which will be addressed.

The Sarvajanik University subscribes to the conviction that education is a catalyst for positive change and the cornerstone for building strong, resilient and sustainable societies. This conviction is translated through instilling a spirit of inquiry in young minds, through cultivating social consciousness, through exploration of new discourses, through development of empathy and respect for diversity, through honing of professional skills and maintaining an ethical perspective.

With creative pedagogies, context based learning; we hope to foster strong linkages between classroom teaching and experiential learning. For global positioning and aspirations collaborative endeavours are important. These collaborations will give an impetus to innovation and innovation provides momentum to progress. By emphasizing innovation and collaboration, we hope to achieve the status of front runner and mark our contribution in the region and beyond.

Community engagement, good citizenship and civic responsibility are integral components of student experience at Sarvajanik University. We hope to engage our students in volunteering tasks at the city level – not just for the positive impact they can make on the world – but also for the positive impact volunteering will have on them. The goal is to promote an environment around principles of service, ethical leadership and engagement in local communities.

As students begin their next tier of life, evolving into committed professionals, the Sarvajanik University is here to support academic, personal and career growth. As Provost, I stand committed to attracting a body of faculty and students dedicated…. to academic excellence, ensuring academic freedom, …to rewarding academic achievement, ….to forging collaborations and partnerships.

I invite you to co-operate with us, support us and partner with us in our Mission of creating “an enlightened society”.

Best Regards,

Sarvajanik Education Society

Prof. Persi Engineer
First Provost
1st June 2021, Surat.