Message from the President

President - Sarvajanik University


"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence."

I welcome you to Sarvajanik University. Through Sarvajanik University, I hope to give to the nation motivated, responsible and disciplined youth who will be instrumental in shaping a better future. In the new era of globalization, all round efforts are being made to facilitate transformation of India from a developing nation to a developed nation.

The University is an institution that combines elements of academic excellence with a larger social sensitivity that is founded on the principals of honesty, integrity and compassion. The Sarvajanik University is founded by Sarvajanik Education Society. It derives from a 112 – year legacy which meets with the innovations of the 21st Century, a place where tradition meets modernity without disruption.

Higher education significantly contributes towards sustainable livelihoods and economic development of the nation. India has a long tradition of holistic and multidisciplinary learning, from universities such as Takshashila and Nalanda. The aim of today’s Education is not restricted only to prepare students for the global work but to equip students to become responsible, active and visionary with scientific knowledge and professional skills to meet with international standard. As India moves towards becoming a knowledge economy and society, more young Indians are likely to aspire for higher education.

Fortunately our founder, predecessor and ex-officio of our Sarvajanik Education Society have remained visionary who established a path to be with what time demands and that only we could successfully grow from one school to 17 schools, 14 Colleges, 3 Research Centres where 32000 + students are undergoing their studies.

Our experienced and dedicated faculty nurtures and ignites the young minds through strong academics, co-curricular and extra-mural activities which are aimed at total personality development of the students.

Sarvajanik University has included credit-based courses and projects through its 8 constituent Colleges in the areas of Business Administration, Commerce, Design, Planning and Technology, Engineering and Technology, Law, Management, Performing Arts and in Computer Education and Applied Sciences towards the attainment of a holistic and quality education with the flexible and innovative curricula.

Today, as the world is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly interconnected, opportunities for internships with local industry, businesses, etc., as well as research internships with faculty and researchers with other global Higher Education Institutes or research institutions, it is planned that the Sarvajanik University students will actively engage with the practical side of their learning and, as a by-product, further improve their employability.

To fulfil the aims and objectives of our Sarvajanik University recently Capacity Building Programme for Higher Education Institutes under European Community Action for the Mobility of University Students were organized Inter NepInd project to achieve the eye catching progress and through which our Students and Staff will have International Exposure for their personal growth through engaging themselves in Research and thereby get opportunities of Academic Excellency under Internationalization of Higher Education and that is only possible with such implementation of Inter NepInd project under Internationalization of Higher Education of the Indian and Nepalese universities.

The slogan of our Sarvajanik University rightly reflects our vision for the years to come which Inclusive, Integrated and Innovative for creating an enlightened society and from such facts one can see that ours is the organization who always believe in introducing innovative educational programmes and to manage the same by maintaining the quality standard of education systems.

To implement National Education Policy, 2020 the curriculum, pedagogy, continuous assessment and student support are the cornerstones for quality learning. Along with providing suitable resources and infrastructure, such as quality libraries, classrooms, labs, technology, sports/recreation areas, student discussion spaces, and Canteen areas, a number of initiatives have been taken to ensure that learning environments are engaging and supportive and enable all students to succeed.

Saravajanik University, not only focuses on the theoretical curriculum, but also helps in the development of a student personality through extra-curricular activities and over all perspective.

We believe that the “More Knowledge you Gain, you will Reach Greater Heights”, as accountability and meritocracy only come with self-confidence.

We welcome all aspiring young mind to join this ever growing Sarvajanik family in pursuing knowledge towards “Creating an Enlightened Society”.

Best Regards,
CA Shri Rajesh Desai