History of Sarvajanik Education Society


Sarvajanik Education Society

Creating An Enlightened Society...

Late Shree Chunilal Ghelabhai Shah

Founder of Sarvajanik Education Society

Sarvajanik Education Society, a premier educational institution was established in Surat in 1912 with the management of just one secondary school. It was the English School known colloquially as Dhingali School – Doll’s School. The Society is today 109 years old. Under its aegis are 33 institutions imparting education from pre-school level to Doctoral level covering a variety of disciplines. The Society manages several educational institutions of high academic repute. These comprise 16 Primary & Secondary Schools, 6 Grant in aid Colleges, 8 Self-Financed Colleges, 2 Research institutes and 1 Music School. More than 33,000 students are shaping their careers under the aegis of these institutions. The Society also has under its umbrella two research institutions – one for Languages and social sciences and one for Environmental Engineering.

Right from its inception the Sarvajanik Education Society has thrived solely on the charity of philanthropic institutions and individuals. Its objective as stated in its constitution is “to spread education among people at affordable cost”. Thus, Sarvajanik Education Society is one of those rare institutions which keeps profit motive out of its operative field. Thanks to the wholehearted support of its well- wishers and a large number of alumni along with philanthropic entrepreneurs and businessmen, the Sarvajanik Education Society continues to receive help in all respects.

The Sarvajanik Education Society has always enjoyed a sound reputation and public faith for its honest, transparent and democratic management. The long journey of these 111 years has had its share of smooth and rough sailing. Sarvajanik Education Society witnessed many vicissitudes and the 2006 unprecedented floods dealt a severe blow. However, fortunately it has overcome all misfortunes.

In the last one and a half decade, the Society has taken huge strides towards modernizing its education. The community’s needs and expectations for education are expanding and newer avenues of development have to be explored for healthy and socially relevant growth of education for tomorrow.

The Society has inherited a glorious past with monumental buildings and sprawling campuses. Over the century many of these structures require repairs and maintenance. T&TV Sarvajanik High School Nanpura, the oldest institute, celebrated its 125th Anniversary. It stands like a new building with its gothic structure renovated. The entire credit goes to the Alumni Association of the School.

Over this journey of 111 years, many dreams have become reality and many yet to be realized. The journey of education never ends, the quest continues. Like Tennyson’s Brook, Men may come and Men may go but Society will continue to spread the light of knowledge for times to come and serve the country by shaping the future of thousands of citizens of India.